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Uncontrolled, High Property Taxes

The Dallas City Council has managed to double our property taxes over a relatively short period of time. The City Council announced that 2022 tax rates were going down but our payments still went up.  It's out of control.  People who have owned their homes for years can no longer afford their own homes.  Rents are through the roof.  I have a plan to limit/minimize Property Assessment District appraisal increases and create a fixed tax rate.  The result will be smartly controlled property taxes. 


It's time to get the homeless off the streets.  In November 2017 Dallas voters passed a $20 million bond for transitional & permanent housing for the homeless.  Since then and especially over the past two years, the problem is getting worse. Panhandlers and tent cities are everywhere.  I will get the homeless off the streets, get them professional services/evaluations using already allocated monies and ongoing charitable funds, and then find permanent solutions.  Dallas is not a haven for homelessness.


We need more police!  In 2021 our City Council voted to defund the police.  I will focus on funding police.  We can attract the best candidates, hire the best,  provide top notch training, provide signing bonuses, retention incentives and proper retirement if we properly allocate the money we have.  According to one source, on a recent night shift (10:00 pm - 6 am) there were 4 police officers on duty to serve over 270,000 residents in Northeast Dallas.  There aren't enough police to cover Dallas on Friday and Saturday nights.  NextDoor posts are filled with reports of purse snatching, trespassing, car break-ins, and assaults.  Dallas as a whole and District 13 where we live are no longer safe.  But they will be when I am elected.

Permits and Bottlenecks

Building permits are taking months to be issued.  That means jobs and new tax revenue streams for Dallas have been stopped in their tracks.  I have a friend who purchased an old deserted building in Dallas. His plan was to tear it down and put in a new franchise business.  The project which will cost approximately $5 million to build out.  For over 4 months his permit application has been floating between desks at City Hall.  He is only one of many businesses and builders that could be providing jobs and contributing to our economy but are stuck in the clogged building permits department.  I will clear the clog and get Dallas building and growing again.

Road Repairs and General Infrastructure Failures

When I am on the City Council, I will find out why millions of dollars have been allocated for road and other maintenance, yet our beautiful Dallas looks neglected. No matter where you drive there are potholes and patches waiting to throw your car out of alignment and ruin your tires.  On rainy days you can't see the lanes because the lane paint was worn off.  Atmos and other utilities dig and patch our neighborhood streets nonstop.  Sidewalks are missing or in disrepair.  Fences put up to keep out homeless are torn down and left hanging on walkways.  Graffiti is popping up on many walls.  Plastic bags and trash are everywhere.  Even once-beautiful decorative concrete planters lay shattered.  Dallas will be the clean city with beautiful streets again when I am elected.

I am 100% AGAINST The Disgraceful Immoral Dallas City Council Proclamation of February 8, 2023

It's a done deal. The flood gates are open.  The City Council, by a 10-1 vote, declared that Dallas is a Welcoming City as it condones breaking laws and offers our Taxpayer dollars to fund Illegal Immigrant healthcare.  Reading between the lines, it is the first stage of Dallas becoming a Sanctuary City, as it declares Dallas will not be following the laws of the state.  In a very public invitation to the 7 million Illegals who have entered the U.S. the past two years, our Dallas City Council has now offered low cost Medical care to all immigrants,  without regard to their documentation status. These costs will be covered through our taxes. 

It is not a prudent decision as this will cost Dallas millions of dollars.  The offer of free and low cost medical care will lure more immigrants, drugs, cartels and crime to Dallas.  

We, the people, ARE NOT in agreement with this resolution and wonder why the City Council wastes time and effort on politically charged documents that do not reflect how our Taxpayer's money should be spent.  This document shows a lack of leadership and foresight.  There is every reason to believe this resolution will have a devastating impact on Dallas and its taxpayers. 

I will work to revoke the February 8, 2023 Dallas City Council resolution as soon as I am elected. Dallas will not become a Sanctuary City on my watch!

City Transparency and Response to Citizens

All Customer Service at City Hall will be improved.  I want an organization chart of city service providers made available to the public and within the organization so that the city can run more efficiently and be more responsive.  There should be clear paths for services and escalation if necessary.

Traffic Law Enforcement

We have an urgent need for traffic police.  Reckless driving is the norm.  Traffic accidents happen constantly.  Where is the Council on this?  If toll road cameras can accurately record your toll sticker, it seems cameras can monitor intersections and other areas where reckless driving is happening. I will push to make our streets safe again.

Teaching Children to be Good Citizens

For greater success & safety, children need to learn rules.  Jaywalking is against the law. But adults watch kids jaywalk to and from school all the time.  What's the message?  Laws don't matter. I will implement a program at schools in our district where children will understand the law, they will follow the law, and there will be consequences for breaking the law.  

Committee to Elect Priscilla Shacklett
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